Ubuntu Indicator

Aslında blog sitemde birçok Ubuntu eklentisinin nasıl yükleneceği için ayrı ayrı link var fakat arkadaşın birisi hepsini derleyip toparlamış ve tek bir PPA ya yerleştirmiş. Kullanmak isteyenler için indicators ppa adresleri alttaki gibidir.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/indicators
sudo apt-get update


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  1. At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prmlebo!

  2. Yeah, I was pretty fortunate that my folks (a) we not wealthy and (b) actually cared about what happened to us, and not how we’d affect their appearance, social stature, etc. I tend gravitate to folks a bit older than me, whether it’s literally their age or from an experience standpoint.

  3. side which says ‘appearance’, under which you’ll…find a tab saying ‘add new theme’. you must click on that button. you will find the button ‘upload’ on the top by clicking on it you’ll be able to browse for the free wordpress theme saved in your computer. select…

  4. Of course power struggles have much to do with this crisis, but I think that framing the issues only in terms powerful bankers versus powerless people is unhelpful.The glory of this blog and its comments is that it has hosted a frank exchange of diverse views without descending too often to party-political posturing or speaking-truth-to-power paranoia.Rather its thrust seems to be “making sense together”. I congratulate Simon, MIT and its leadership on this valuable discourse.

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